Key points to remember when creating a press release on IBO Toolbox...

1.)  Always include an instance of your keyword/key phrase in your title, descriptions, body content and key tags.  Best to have three instances of your key phrase in the body and description of everything you do.

2.)  If you want people to share your stuff, share theirs!  What goes around comes around.

3.) When people leave comments on any content you've created online, reply to those comments.  Conversations on content now factors BIG in how Google selects content for the front pages.

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Tonight we started a new training series entitles "Mastering The Mechanics Of Internet Marketing".  After attending the Empower Network event in Orlando, Florida it was clear that the demand for this type of assistance is massive.

Below are the notes from tonight's webinar.  We will be conducting these webinars every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST.  

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Notes from Traffic Leads & Sales

Traffic + Leads = Sign Ups And Sales


People will be sold on you when you give SICK value!

Traffic - Traffic is visitors to your website.  This happens when they click on a link or button that directs them to your site, blog, capture page, etc.

Leads are traffic that subscribes to whatever you are sharing...

Sign ups And Sales - Sign ups are people who join your business.  Sales are what happens when people buy stuff from you.

Components of a marketing system...

1.)  Ads, ad copy and promotional materials

  • Come from marketing materials provided by the companies we're promoting

  • Content we have swiped or created.  Swipe copy is using copy from someone else and putting your name to it.

  • Pay someone to create this stuff and do it for you

2.)  Lead capture pages

  • Available through many companies and programs

  • Can build your own

  • Pay someone to build it for you

  • 3o new leads per day (goal)

3.)  Auto Responder

  • The engine that makes your marketing system run

  • Captures emails and builds lists

  • Automates follow up messages

  • Let's you send broadcasts to multiple lists

4.)  Sales or Landing Page (Thank you page)

  • May come through the company you are promoting based on the products, services, opportunity, etc.

  • This is a call to action page for people to spend money.

Create, build and brand your own exclusive value driven marketing system.

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We just returned from "Fighting The Forces Of Evil" in Orlando, Florida.  As always, it was an Empower Network event that strectched and challenged those who showed up from points all over the globe.

What's interesting to me is the amount of stories we heard from people who are now having 30,000 dollar months without paid advertising and marketing.

My mentor and friend from Vancouver, Canada (Darren Little) uses a conversational marketing strategy that created 17,000 dollars in monthly residual income in July of 2013.  

I've researched, studied and asked people how they use conversational marketing to build their online business.  I've learned how it works and have found that this strategy works.  In fact, it works fast when you apply it.

Today I released a new video series on how to use the same conversational marketing technique that Darren Little, myself and many other top earners in our industry use to build their businesses using the Internet.

The video series is free of charge.  You can get started with video 1, right now!

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By driving your PPC traffic on Facebook to a fan page you can get your pay per click traffic for as little as 2 cents per click!

In the next video I walk you through a couple of basic promotional tools and resources you can use to build a list and generate sign ups & sales with a fan page.

how to do keyword research


The best way to stop bullying is to remove the possibility of it ever happening!

“Please don’t make me go to school today…” was my plea on many mornings growing up in the public school system. By the time I was 12, I was diagnosed with ulcers. I was depressed, couldn’t focus on anything other than the brief moments at home where I actually felt safe.

Perhaps you can relate or maybe you have a child that is going through something similar right now.

stop bullying

Bullying has long term and damaging effects on a child. Stop it before it ever happens!

The majority of childhood bullying happens in the public school system.

If I come across as though I’m not a “proponent” of the public school system, you’re right… I’M NOT for too many reasons to go into with this post.

Right now there are more than 86,000 searches per month, via Google, conducted by people who are looking for information on how to stop bullying. There are tips, ideas, theories… most of which focus on the PROBLEM, not the solution.

The solution? MASSIVE ACTION! Because really… what will you do the morning your child comes to you and says “Mommy, please don’t make me go today” as tears well up in their eyes from the fear of being picked on, ridiculed, judged or even beaten?

A Solution That Can Protect Your Child From Bullying For Good!

The main reason it’s hard for many parents to stop bulling is because their hands are tied. By what? Jobs primarily. For many people, public school is simply a convenient form of day care covered by taxes.

happy family

Protect your family and give them the life they deserve by taking action today!

What if you didn’t have to work a job? What if you could be at home making $15,000 to $30,000 or more, per month (Results Will Vary)? Would that be enough to provide your child with a safe, quality social educational environment? Would that be enough to keep them there with you in a home schooling program with a social extension?

You don’t have to work a job to make great money! You can do so from the comfort and security of home, protect and provide for your family, and even have the financial resources to do some outreach work and reach others who are working to stop bullying.

You owe it to your family, especially if bullying is part of the equation, to find a solution NOW!

Click the BIG YELLOW BUTTON below for immediate access to the video that changed my life forever! Because I watched this video and took massive action, today I’m a happy stay at home Grandpa who has the resources to provide the best education and social environment for my amazing 2 year old grandson Kenny Bop!

Do it now! Click the BIG YELLOW BUTTON, enter your name and best email address in the form to see how you can do the same thing!

how to do keyword research

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